Muskoka Cottage with Metal Nature Themed Balcony Panels

This beautiful log cottage features custom artwork from as an inlay in the stairs and on the indoor and outdoor balcony panels. The beautiful nature scenes, which feature an owl, trees with detailed leaf patterns, and a moose with wildlife, help to accent some otherwise unnoticed parts of the cottage. There are over 30 balcony panels used on the exterior of the cottage, running along the back railing as well as two second floor balconies. There are 9 more panels used for the railing inside of the cottage.

Our products are cut with a focused laser without any welding, making it so that the metal flows easily within these incredibly detailed pieces, leaving no bumps or other imperfections; this also makes it easier to inlay into wood (as on the stairs), or to display prominently without any backing, as a standalone piece of art, or in this case- a supportive balcony panel. The artwork perfectly complements the wood and stone throughout this log cottage, lending to a rustic look that makes those who view it feel closer with nature.

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