Custom Gazebo Metal Balcony Panels

This gorgeous custom built gazebo is at once a functional structure and a unique piece of art. The moment you step through the gilded swinging doors, it feels as if you have entered an entirely different ecosystem. The many creatures of the lake surround your feet in large panels containing scenes of ducks, blue herons, and jumping fish. Bulrushes add to the theme, providing more privacy to the enclosure, as well as setting a background to the many creatures artfully cut into the metal panels. Upon looking up through the screened windows, you may notice the small butterflies and dragonflies that appear to be floating through the air. The screen keeps those pesky mosquitoes out, allowing all occupants of the gazebo to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in peace, while also acting as a canvas for these tiny laser-cut insects (held in place with strong magnets). The top corners of the windows contain a sun ray pattern, which brings shape to the frame. The dividing beams along the middle of the structure are tastefully concealed by narrow strips of metal artwork, showing a thick copse of trees. This scene surrounds nearly the entire building, and is both subtle and intricately detailed. The final touch is a goose posed in mid-flight, at the very top of the roof.

All in all, this featured project contains 7 large panels along the bottom, 7 decorative frames at the window level, 2 swinging door panels, 7 external art panel strips, and 1 piece on the roof, transforming a simple outdoor gazebo into a unique and functional piece of art. Check out some of our designs, and discover how you can bring your next weekend project to life.

Laser Cut Metal Panels and Elements
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